Who We Are

P’kwi was founded in 1993 during the insurgency in teso region that left the rural women exposed to atrocities of war and civil strife. A group of 12 women started the initiative that has now successfully grown beyond a self-help group to a well-established and recognized farm organization with established formal structures. P’kwi uses a unique household model to achieve its vision that brings together five households to constitute a club, five clubs to constitute an economic group, five to ten economic groups to constitute an constitute a sub – cluster and ten sub clusters make up the p’kwi community of 2500 households, a total of 15000 members.

Our Vision
Socially acceptable, environmentally responsible and economically viable rural households in bukedea and teso at large

Our Mission
To transform the family farm as a model of sustainable organic agriculture by facilitating education, interaction and trade in teso region.

Our Objective
To unlock, rejuvenate, mainstream and interface the indigenous knowledge system and rural information systems

The Specific objectives;

  1. To unlock, rejuvenate, mainstream and interface the indigenous knowledge system and rural information systems with other forms so encouraging the member’s spirit of practical thriftiness, mutual self-help and education.
  2. To set in motion a farmer to farmer sustainable organic agricultural training of members of the cooperative to enable them to acquire new knowledge and skills from other cultures which they deem necessary for their social, economic and cultural transformation.
  3. To assist the rural households (family farm as a popular production unit) to identify, develop and put into use local ideas and initiatives into practicable and implementable projects
  4. To establish rural information system resource and documentation facility which will make it available to the grass root communities. Such resources are traditional and other forms of music, dance and drama, books, manuals, pamphlets, booklets, films, videos, tapes and other training materials for their use and consultation.
  5. To facilitate the setting up of cooperative development revolving fund so as to provide low interest loans to the community group members or clubs and to deal with the objective of improving and adding value to the grass root group products.
  6. To collectively process, package and market the members produce thus enable the small holder farmer to enjoy more favorable sales opportunity and increased income for investment and growth.
  7. To enhance the active participation in a favorable influence by the local grass root community on local issues and the poverty policies.
  8. To enter into any arrangements and agreements with any government, authority, supreme, municipal, public, private, local or otherwise that may seem to be of importance to the cooperative

Our Core Values
Partnership – respect for each other
Sustainability – self reliance
Transparency – clarity and openness

Our Emblem
Up the Hill, down the valley up the star. Representing the reality of life that when down the valley and you are able to rise up then you become a star.