The Pkwi Cooperatives Office works to develop, grow and support the local farmers as a means of socio-economic development for individuals and local communities, training program to build the capacity of the Pkwi team, cooperative leaders and other training which are as mentioned below

Production, processing and selling of virgin sunflower cooking oil, available in 1,3,5,10, 20 litres.

Production, processing and selling of high quality cassava floor (HQCF) and chips.

Make and sell primary school uniform for schools around and outside p’kwi

Production of citrus fruit for the market.

Bake and sell mandaz (cassava and wheat flour), donuts(cassava and wheat flour), bagiya(cassava floor and cowpeas),party cakes(cassava and wheat flour) and chapatti

Do exchange visits to other farmer organizations.

Please Order for your Virgin Sunflower Cooking Oil. Available in 1,3,5, 10,20 litres." Fully Certified by UNBS.






we also deal in tractor hiring services