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Pkwi CookingOil
P’kwi was founded in 1993 during the insurgency in teso region that left the rural women exposed to atrocities of war and civil strife. A group of 12 women started the initiative that has now successfully grown beyond a self-help group to a well-established and recognized farm organization with established formal structures. P’kwi uses a unique household model to achieve its vision that brings together five households to constitute a club, five clubs to constitute an economic group, five to ten economic groups to constitute an constitute a sub – cluster and  ten sub clusters make up the p’kwi community of 2500 households, a total of 15000 members.
PKWI Youth Council Plants 12 acres of Sunflower
Production, processing and selling of organic sunflower vegetable cooking oil which is manufactured from the sunflower grown on the Pkwi farm.

The Pkwi Cookingoil available in 1,3,5,10,20 Litres. Please Order for your Virgin Sunflower Cooking Oil. Available in 1,3,5,10,20 litres." Fully Certified by UNBS.



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