Pkwi baking

Pkwi women baking
The Pkwi women  bake different products from their harvests and they train other farmers on the Training of women on baking skills at the Pkwi cooperative. The cassava and the wheat flour grown at Pkwi enables the frmers to produce products sell to the end users or consumers and earn an income. Pkwi's cassava is grown, its produced, its processed and sold, cassava chips is produced from the cassava grown. Pkwi farmers bake and sell mandaz (cassava and wheat flour), donuts(cassava and wheat flour), bagiya(cassava floor and cowpeas),party cakes(cassava and wheat flour) and chapatti, Cassava for sell to earn an income.

Mixing dough                                                      Ready dough                                                  Baking in a local oven


Cassava grown by Pkwi farmers for sell            Pkwi Chapattis                                                 Cassava chips made from cassava grown at Pkwi


Donuts made by Pkwi farmers                            Bagiya made by Pkwi farmers                           Party cake baked by Pkwi cooperative farmers